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How much does it cost to build a house?

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The average price of housing for the last executed projects is 1400€/m2, with the final price of each project varying depending on different factors:

⛰️ TOPOGRAPHY ADAPTATION: The house should adapt to the topography of the plot as much as possible.

🏠 HOUSE SHAPE: It is important to maintain simplicity in the design phase to optimize the price.

🧱 CONSTRUCTION SYSTEM: Traditional construction with load-bearing walls of thermal clay and a roof made of wood or concrete. Continuous insulation of walls, floor and roof.

🚪QUALITY: Medium to high quality standards.

🔋ENERGY EFFICIENCY: Energy rating A, including aerothermal heating and air renewal with heat recovery.

The price may vary by up to 10% depending on the decisions made in the design phase, with the average price being 1400 €/m2.