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What is a turnkey architectural project?

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Proyecto de arquitectura Llave en Mano en Asturias

Our way of working is simple. There are four steps:

1. 🔍 TECHNICAL AND LEGAL ANALYSIS: Analysis of the property deed to ensure that everything is in order. Topographic survey and geotechnical study with all relevant information about the plot.

2. 💡 EXECUTION PROJECT AND WORK BUDGET: 2D layout design and photorealistic 3D exterior design; based on the property needs and previous analyses of the plot, a project is developed that defines the work technically and economically.

3. 🏗️ PERMIT OBTAINMENT AND WORK CONTROL: Processing of the construction license and search for a trustworthy builder, within previously set prices and deadlines. Work control and monthly certifications to ensure proper execution.

4. COMPLETION OF WORK AND HOUSING REGISTRATION PROCEDURES: Issuance of the final work certificate, as well as management of the occupancy and first use permit, registration in the land registry, and building book. Everything necessary to legalize the housing.