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What do you have to assess in a plot for building a house?

Sin categoría What do you have to assess in a plot for building a house?

We help you buy your estate safely, and we give you some key points:

🏢 URBAN PLANNING: It is necessary to ensure that the estate is buildable, and for this, it is necessary to consult the town hall.

⛰️ TOPOGRAPHY: Although the slope can be compensated for with earthworks, it is recommended:

  . Between 0% and 10% slope for ground floor housing.

  . Between 10% and 20% for houses with basement.

SERVICES: It is important to have nearby electricity, water, and sanitation facilities, as well as good road access. This will make the process simpler and more economical. If there are nearby houses, there will be nearby services.

📃 DEEDS: The deeds must be requested from the seller to be analyzed. It is essential to verify that, legally, everything is in order.